PET GREEN TAPE packing, for EVALAM safety glazing

EVA Thermal Cutter
to clean laminated glass edges overflowed remains of EVA, PVB, SGP etc.
Technical Data:
CE Standard: AC 230V/50Hz
US Standard: AC 120V/60HZ
Power: MAX 90W
Temperature of Blades: Up to 500℃ in seconds

A-Select a Thermal Cutter blade corresponding to the cutting use.
B-Loosen the knurled nut when device is cold.
C-Insert each leg of the blade and tighten the knurled nuts. Make sure that the blade and the cutting head have optimal contact. If both legs of the blade are not properly installed, the unit will not heat up.
D-Power on.

A-Actuate switch, the indicator light and the blade will heat up.
B-Avoid direct short circuit between cutting heads.
C-Do not use metallic rulers for guiding the blade.
D-Clean cutting heads with enclosed wire brush.
E-Please make sure the blade is connected to the cutting material before blade heats up.

A-Always operate the Thermal Cutter in well ventilated space.
B-Never burn off the excess residue on the Thermal Cutter blade. The blades will over heated and be warped.
C-Only operate Thermal Cutter when it is in contact with the insulation board
D-Keep hot blades away from skin, clothing and other flammable materials.
E-Allow blades to cool before handling. Thermal Cutter may cause injury or burns to exposed surfaces.
F-The Thermal cutter is working intermittently, that means If the temperature inside the tool is too high, the unit will get hot and the internal thermal protectors will turn off automatically, after it cool, the Thermal Cutter will operate again.

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